Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Politicians are People Too

In an attempt to take a closer (or should I say refreshing look) at the 2008 presidential race that is quickly shaping up, the Washington Post has begun a series where they will be sharing stories of the candidates from people who knew them in earlier points in their lives and careers. They started this past weekend with Senator Barack Obama. Friends from childhood through to the present day shared stories of their memories with Barry Obama. After reading about the beat up car that he cherished and his glory days as a basketball star, I found myself pleasantly surprised at how refreshing this article was. Politicians are constantly on the campaign trail and everything they say and do is perfectly calculated so we often forget that they are regular people too. This series gives us a glimpse into the lives of the politicians but even more importantly it serves as a reminder that politician are people that we can all relate to on some level even if we do not agree with their politics.

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