Saturday, May 10, 2008

Polls, polls everywhere!

If you're ever curious as to how people feel about Washington, DC, the presidential campaign or politics in general, check out the periodic Washington Post poll.  Poll questions include "Do you approve or disapprove of the job President Bush is doing" (this just in:  he's not doing so well in the opinion polls -- hopefully the wedding this weekend will help with matters).  

There are also a series of questions on Iraq, the Economy and the ongoing joy that has been the presidential campaign (news flash:  people are getting bored and irritated).  Interestingly, though, as the campaign goes on and voters get to know all the candidates on all sides, EVERYONE'S unfavorables are trending up.  And for some odd reason, the poll asks for favorable / unfavorable impressions of Bill Clinton who, last time I checked, is not actually running.

One of the more entertaining set of questions is on the economy.  When asked whether they were pessimistic or optimistic about the national economy, about 60% of respondents were pessimistic.  Yet, about 65% of respondents were optimistic about their own finances.

I guess that's the same phenomenon that makes voters feel optimistic about their own elected officials while at the same time vehemently opposing the "rest of the bums" in Washington, DC. Odd, that...  

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