Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012: A New Legislative Hope

2011 was a tough year for legislation. An interesting article I read made a great point: “Key words in Congress in 2011: stalemate, deadlock, brinksmanship, partisanship.” CBS’ program 60 Minutes ran a segment discussing the gridlock that has occurred in Congress in 2011 and profiled the House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. You can see the segment below:

If your organization wants to get something done and foster the bipartisanship needed this year, be sure to have your members reach out to his or her representatives regardless of party affiliation. If a member agrees or disagrees with an issue because of party loyalty, the best way to overcome that policy position is constituency. Most members of Congress are willing to break party lines if his or her constituents demand that action.

The Senate will reconvene on January 23rd and the House will reconvene January 17th. So let’s get ready to advocate!

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