Friday, September 21, 2012

Congratulations to the City of Greensboro- Winners of the Strong Cities, Strong Communities Challenge Grant

Yesterday, the Obama Administration announced the winners of the Strong Cities, Strong Communities Challenge, a grant competition designed to generate innovative ideas to develop long-term economic and job growth plans. Advocacy Associates congratulates the City of Greensboro for the recognition of their hard work to foster economic development in the area and the opportunity to expand their projects.

The City of Greensboro was selected to allow the city to access additional resources to develop a comprehensive plan that will incorporate several on-going economic development projects. The comprehensive plan will better leverage five major industry clusters in and around the region, and will influence the next 50 years of growth in the city.

The Strong Cities, Strong Communities Program, launched in July of 2011, is an interagency program to foster economic development in neighborhoods, towns, cities and regions by giving communities extra capacity to develop and execute economic strategies.

The Strong Cities, Strong Communities Challenge is being administered by the Economic Development Administration. The award is divided into two phases.  First, grantees will seek economic development proposals from teams comprised of a range of transportation, planning, economic, business, and engineering experts, which will be voted on by a city-appointed panel. Then, the winning teams will develop and submit comprehensive, strategic economic development plans, and the panel will select a winning plan. The cities will receive technical assistance from the Economic Development Administration throughout the entire process. Hartford, CT and Las Vegas also received grants. More information about the awards and the program is available here.

Advocacy Associates provides the City of Greensboro with legislative monitoring, strategic advice, and advocacy network assistance services.

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