Tuesday, October 18, 2016

What advocacy can I do in the closing days of the election?

Finally, after 19 months, this election is about to end. In three weeks, the robocalls, non-stop super PAC ads, and constant mud slinging will all be over and America will be headed to their local polling place to select the direction this country for the next few years. But, in the mean time, what can grassroot advocates do in the 11th hour of this campaign?

We’re not only selecting a new President, we’re also selecting whom we want representing us in Congress.  One-third of the U.S. Senate is up for re-election and all of the U.S. House of Representatives are facing the voters on November 8th. Even if you live in a district or state without a competitive race this fall, you can still make your voice heard.  Now is the time when elected officials are listening to their constituents more than ever. You have a perfect opportunity to voice your support for your cause. These are a few ways how:

1.   Attend campaign rallies for both candidates. If you are in a district with a competitive race, chances are that both the Republican and Democrat candidates are holding daily rallies and meeting with voters. Attend these rallies for both candidates, even if you have already made up your mind on how you will vote. If you get to meet the candidate or have an opportunity to ask the candidate a question, take the opportunity to bring up your issue. If a candidate hears enough about a particular issue, they will remember it when they get to Washington.

2.   Write a Letter to the Editor. Write a Letter to the Editor in your local paper. Highlight the issue you’re concerned about and challenge both candidates to form a position on this issue. Candidates read these papers, and your letter can help make your issue an issue in the campaign.

3.   Vote! The most important thing you can do is go vote on November 8 for the candidate you feel will most likely support your cause once elected.      

This long election is almost over. However, there is still time for grassroot advocates to make an impact and shape this campaign, setting the groundwork for legislative activity in the upcoming Congress. Formulate your strategy to make an impact in your local community that is felt all the way to Capitol Hill!

Written by Jeff Kratz, Guest Contributor, Sower Advocacy Group

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