Friday, March 30, 2007

The Power of Grassroots & Socnets!

The Washington Post ran a piece last week on how politicians are starting to change their tactics to engage with voters. The focus of the article is the Edwards presidential campaign where staffers have realized the importance of engaging with voters through social networking sites (socnets). Edwards is not the only contender for the White House that is using the internet as part of their grassroots strategy but it seems that his campaign really understands the importance of building a strong grassroots network. After this first fundraising deadline it appears that Edwards approach is working. Though he came in third in terms of overall dollars raised on the democratic side, he still managed to raise $14 million dollars in the first quarter. What is most impressive though is the fact that he had a total of 40,000 contributers and 80 percent of all contributions were $100 or less. His online community alone raised $3.3 million dollars! The Edwards campaign is proving the power of grassroots! Check out Edwards campaign site to see what they are doing to engage with voters!

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