Monday, August 06, 2007

Engaging Advocates (and their cash) at American Cancer Society

Many thanks to my friend Lisa Junker at Associations Now magazine for forwarding me this tid-bit about the American Cancer Society's online Relay for Life campaign. For those who don't know, several years ago ACS started offering a "Virtual Relay for Life" in Second Life as part of its efforts to raise funds for cancer research. The traditional relay for life campaign involves real people together coming together in real communities all across the nation and raises millions of the organization.

The online version is similar -- except that it's pixels coming together on computers across the nation. I first wrote about this in an Association's Now article titled "Breaking the Rules of Engagement." Well, ACS clearly continues to be an inspiring example of how to use the web effectively for fundraising and member involvement -- this recent article notes that during its recent Second Life effort, the organizaton raise $115,000, far exceeding its goal of $75,000.

Can anyone out there use $115,000? I thought so -- maybe something like this will work for you!

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