Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Why the Elections Matter (No Matter WHO Wins)

Check out my new white paper on advocacy and the elections., which refutes the conventional wisdom that suggests since all Presidential candidates essentially express the same views, it may not really matter who wins.

Even the politically-charged campaign of 2008 demonstrates this truism, where, on the same day in answer to similar questions, the candidates had this to say about recent economic turmoil on Wall Street:

"We must not bail out the management and speculators who created this mess." (McCain)

And then,

"[We] must not bail out the shareholders or the management of AIG that were making big profits when times were good.” (Obama)

(“McCain, Obama Scramble to Shift Economic Message,” Washington Post, 9/18/08)

Unfortunately, the rhetoric in the political campaigns fuels the fire of apathy in our political system. But elections and, more important, the advocacy efforts we undertake with our policymakers after elections, do matter -- and matter deeply -- to every individual, family and business in America, regardless of who wins the McCain / Obama matchup. To find out why as well as a dozen ways to get involved, check out this new resource!

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