Monday, December 11, 2017

Resources for a busy month on the Hill

While the weather is turning colder and snowier, Congress is still in session and busy with the tax reform conference committee and an upcoming deadline on government funding. Here are a couple more resources to help keep you in the know about Capitol Hill:

Represent, by ProPublica: Represent is a tool to track upcoming and recent Congressional votes, as well as information on each member’s votes and sponsored legislation. This resource also organizes floor statements by member, and allows you to quickly search the Congressional Record, press quotes, op-eds, and video, by key term, to see which members are talking about your issues.

Town Hall, by Facebook: Town Hall is a tool that uses your home address to provide links to the Facebook pages of each of your elected representatives, from the local level up to the federal level, all in one page. Facebook also provides the correct phone number and email address to allow you to easily contact them. Simply search “Town Hall” in your Facebook search bar to locate the feature.

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