Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Forming an Advocacy Habit: Do Something about the Economy!

I don't know if you've noticed, but the financial markets are in turmoil. As the stock market plunges, home values decrease and banks fail, many Americans have been watching their net worth decrease dramatically in a matter of days.
Fortunately, we can do more than watch: we can act, and that's what advocacy's all about!
Take some time today to draft a one to two paragraph letter to your elected officials telling them your story of the economy's impact on your family, work and community. Maybe your members are struggling, your nonprofit is seeing reduced revenue from funders or members, or your own financial situation has become difficult.
If you have a preferred solution (increased regulation, deal with the housing foreclosure situation, provide another stimulus check, offer incentives for financial service firms to pick up some of the slack, whatever) share those ideas. Even if you don't have a solution to suggest, isn't it better to DO SOMETHING as opposed to sit back and watch? At a minimum, you'll likely get a response that will illuminate their views on the whole debacle.
You can draft and send the letter online to U.S. House members through Write Your Rep. or to Senators at the Senate website ( look them up by state and click on the webform link).

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