Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Make a Commitment to Advocacy

Yesterday I introduced the idea of forming an Advocacy Habit. Here's the first step in that program:

Say it loud and say it proud -- I am forming an advocacy habit!

An important part of forming any good habit (or eliminating a bad one) is making a public commitment. Today's task is to find at least two opportunities to tell someone that you are making a habit of advocacy. And, if you want to rephrase it, go ahead (I'm making citizen involvement a habit, etc.) The main point is that you're doing something to become a more active citizen. Here are some options you can consider:
  • Look at yourself in the mirror and say"I am forming an advocacy habit." You'll probably laugh the first couple times, but that's OK. Advocacy is fun!
  • E-mail or call your friends or significant other to let them know of your intention
  • Announce it in your staff meeting (but only if your boss won't think you're crazy)
  • Add a note to your e-mail signature
  • Post a notice on our online social network
  • Update your Facebook page (Stephanie Vance is: forming an advocacy habit!)
  • Send a Twitter message
  • Send a text or IM to someone who knows how to receive those :)
  • Add a comment on your voice mail (I'm away from the office right now because I'm forming an advocacy habit. It's much healthier than stepping outside for a cigarette, right?)
  • Blog on citizen participation and why an advocacy habit is important (or comment on someone else's blog)

Now get out there and advocate at someone!

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