Thursday, September 04, 2008

Grassroots Advocacy in Iceland...

I'm back from my vacation in Iceland where my advocacy work was related mainly to advocating for more time at the fantabulous geothermal hot springs. I'll post some fun photos from the trip soon, but wanted, in the meantime, to hook everyone in to this great blog post on Associations Using Twitter.

If you aren't sure either a) what Twitter is or b) why you should care, you should definitely take a look at this post. Think of Twitter as the texting craze meets blogging. Basically, when you use Twitter you send "Tweets" or very small (up to 140 character) posts about whatever it is you want to alert the world to. Originally used in by the younger crowd for fascinating comments like "Dude, I'm so playing Guitar Hero right now," associations and businesses are starting to see the value of using this technology to connect quickly and easily with a large group of people.

The post includes a number of great examples of Twitter use in the Association world as well as links to posts on how to make your Twitter posts most useful. Frankly, this technology has incredible applications for grassroots advocacy: imagine having all your hardcore advocates able to follow your updates quickly and easily through their cell phones, especially during an active legislative debate or an event like a lobby day!

We're hoping to experiment with these approaches during the busy 2009 Lobby Day season. Let us know if you'd like to be part of the fun!

Oh, and check me out on Twitter! My user ID is AdvocacyGuru

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Lindy Dreyer said...

Hey Stephanie!
Thanks for the link love. I'm keeping my eye out for grassroots advocacy Twitter folk. Will you let me know what you find, as well?

I've also started a twitter account where I'm following all of the official association Tweets (@associations). I'm following you now from my personal account, too.

Have you used any other mobile apps for advocacy? I could see setting up text alert groups, for example.